Definition of Terms

There are a variety of terms and definitions in health equity literature and communications. While consensus is evolving as more awareness is gained about health equity, subject matter experts have drawn from a range of sources to define terms used in this strategy.

Health Equity

The state in which everyone has a fair and just opportunity to attain their highest level of health.

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Health Disparity

A plausibly avoidable, systematic health difference adversely affecting a socially or economically disadvantaged group.

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Health Inequity

A particular kind of health disparity that is reasonably believed to reflect injustice.

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Health Equity Science

Science that investigates patterns and underlying contributors to health inequities and builds an evidence base that can guide action across the domains of public health program, surveillance, policy, communication, and scientific inquiry to move toward eliminating, rather than simply documenting, inequities.

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Epidemic intelligence service officer

Epidemic intelligence service officer conducting an immunization survey in Rajasthan, India for disease prevention such as TB and Polio.