Future Leaders in Infections and Global Health Threats (FLIGHT)

FLIGHT Welcome 2020 FLIGHT Officers. Meet the officers.

FLIGHT participants, host site supervisors, mentors, and program staff discuss the program at the Meet-and-Greet session during the 68th annual EIS conference.

Developing scientific leaders to improve global health security & domestic preparedness.


Future Leaders in Infections and Global Health Threats (FLIGHT) is a CDC leadership program that prepares participants, known as FLIGHT officers, to address global public health threats. Scientific leadership is critical to public health and to CDC’s mission in driving actions to improve global health security and domestic preparedness. To continue our success in delivering programs with demonstrated public health impact, CDC must recruit, develop, and retain clinical health professionals with the ability to lead multidisciplinary scientific teams to address a variety of infectious disease threats.  The FLIGHT application period opens in September of each year.

"This advanced, multi-disciplinary training ensures CDC’s future in global health threat and domestic preparedness capacity. It develops leaders with the confidence and ability to create and sustain the kinds of impactful public health programs for which this agency has achieved worldwide recognition."

CDC Director Robert Redfield, MD

For more information about the FLIGHT program, please email FutureLeaders@cdc.gov.

FLIGHT Program Training:

Launched in 2019, this 3-year program allows FLIGHT officers to gain the skills to be effective scientific leaders who translate public health science and research into successful infectious disease programs with global applications.

The FLIGHT program combines didactic and experiential training, such as skill assessments, educational seminars, professional coaching, global rotations, programmatic work, and leadership networking, to help officers meet performance and public health service requirements and build leadership and scientific skills.

FLIGHT officers are placed in CDC programs located in Atlanta, Georgia.

FLIGHT Officers:

FLIGHT officers are selected from physicians and veterinarians in the most recent graduating class of CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS). Eligible candidates must have an unrestricted license to practice their clinical specialty in the U.S. and be a U.S. citizen.

The following are the benefits officers receive while in the FLIGHT program:

  • Training, mentorship, and coaching in public health leadership development
  • Access to experienced coach consultants from outside of CDC for personal leadership development
  • Opportunities to shadow senior CDC leaders
  • Experience conducting science or research, leading people, managing projects, developing partnerships, and practicing influential communication

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