We acknowledge the CDC Field Epidemiology Manual Steering Committee members who provided crucial guidance early in the planning of the book, including input regarding potential chapter topics and authors and on ways to make the book more useful across the array of field settings. Members of the steering committee were Guthrie Birkhead, Megan Davies, Kate Glynn, Patricia M. Griffin, Marci Layton, Frank Mahoney, Josephine Malilay, Joshua Mott, and Robert V. Tauxe.

We also acknowledge the experts who provided their guidance through their review of individual chapters: Katherine Lyon Daniel, Chad Heilig, and Michael Iademarco. We are also grateful to CDC experts who reviewed all chapters as part of the CDC clearance process. In particular, we would like to highlight the outstanding work of Paul Z. Siegel who reviewed nearly all book chapters as a reviewer for CDC’s Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services.

We also acknowledge Todd Goldfarb, Charmika Placide, Samantha Riemer, and John Vagas who helped with organizational and logistical aspects of the book, including arranging steering committee conference calls, monitoring the status of all book chapters, and assisting with completion of the contents and list of contributors.

We are especially grateful for the dedicated efforts of the managing editors of the book, Karen L. Foster and C. Kay Smith, who edited all chapters for style and clarity and prepared chapters for final submission to the publisher. We believe their hard work has substantially improved the readability and usefulness of the book for future field investigators.