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All snacks are NOT created equal. When hunger strikes, try one of these bite-size treats instead of reaching for chips or cookies. These healthy tidbits will help keep your energy high and your appetite in control.

chickpeas in a bowl with info about why they are a healthy snack

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graphic of rosted chickpeas in a bowl on a table
Graphic text: Rosted Chickpeas make for a crunchy protein and fiber-packed nutritional dynamo!


graphic of women biting on a strawberry
Graphic text: Fruit: the original Fast Food


graphic of a kale in a white bowl.
Graphic text: Pass on Potatoes and say "Kale yeah!" to delicious (and healthy!) Kale Chips.

Air-popped popcorn

bowl of popcorn
Graphic text: Air-popped popcorn is a healthy holiday snack & makes for a crafty DIY decoration!

Try something new

graphic of man holding a dragon fruit at a market
Graphic text: Make healthy eating an adventure! When shopping, try a fruit/veggie you've never tried before. Dragon fruit? Rambutan? Bok Choy? Why not?


graphic of a girl holding an edamame.
Graphic text: Try edamame in the shell for a protein-packed snack.

Lunch art

graphic of decorated food
Graphic text: When it comes to lunch art, the only limit is your imagination!