Preventing Eye Infections When Wearing Contacts

At a glance

  • When cared for properly, contact lenses can provide a safe and effective way to correct your vision.
  • Taking proper care of your contact lenses can help you see better and keep your eyes healthy.
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Contact lenses are an effective way to correct vision, but they must be worn and cared for properly to avoid eye infections. Your habits, supplies, and eye care provider are all essential for maintaining healthy eyes.

Contact solution and case.
Regular cleaning and storage as recommended minimizes bacteria buildup.

By following your eye care provider's instructions on how to properly wear, clean, and store your lenses, you can enjoy the comfort and benefits of contact lenses while lowering your chances of eye complications.

Prevention steps and strategies

Contact lenses are medical devices and are not risk-free. Follow these healthy habits to safely wear contact lenses and help protect your eyes:

Practice eye care hygiene

  • Avoid sleeping in lenses unless directed by your eye care provider.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling lenses.
  • Dry hands completely with a clean cloth before touching lenses.

Keep contact lenses away from all water

  • Remove before swimming or showering to prevent germ exposure.

Properly clean your lenses

  • Use recommended contact lens solution.
  • Rub and rinse lenses with disinfecting solution.
  • Avoid mixing fresh and old solution in the case.

Take care of your contact lens case

  • Clean case with solution by rubbing and rinsing.
  • Store case upside down with caps off after each use.
  • Replace case at least once every three months.

Consult your eye care provider

  • Discuss contact lens wear and care habits and potential concerns.
  • Visit your eye care provider yearly or as recommended.
  • Remove lenses and contact eye care provider if experiencing discomfort.

Be Prepared

  • Carry backup glasses with current prescription in case you have to take out your contact lenses.

Why prevention is important

Wearing contact lenses brings benefits like better vision and convenience, but taking good care of them is essential. Proper care prevents infections and maintains eye health.

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Being able to see well, for most, is essential to performing the activities of day-to-day life.

To get the most out of your contact lens-wearing experience, be sure to always practice healthy eye care habits. Following care instructions and replacing lenses when advised ensures optimal eye health and clear vision.

Travel tips for people who wear contact lenses

Don't let an eye infection ruin your travels. Take care of your contact lenses to fully enjoy your destination. Follow these tips to prevent contact lens-related eye infections while preparing for your trip.

Before you go

  • Ensure your prescription is current by visiting your eye care provider annually.
  • Replace your contact lens case every three months.
  • Pack backup supplies: lens case, contacts, glasses, and solution.

During your trip

  • Remove lenses before sleeping, showering, or swimming to prevent infections.
  • Follow replacement schedule recommended by your eye care provider.
  • Use fresh contact lens solution for storage, never water.
  • Avoid mixing old and new solution.
  • Only use prescribed lenses to avoid risks to eye health and sight.
  • Pack backup supplies: lens case, contacts, glasses, and solution.