CRCCP Evaluation Results and Publications

CDC is conducting a rigorous evaluation of the CRCCP. Evaluation results are published in academic journals. The CRCCP Manuscript Summary Series provides key findings for each CRCCP publication.

CRC Screening: Findings from the CRCCP: Results from Year One.

Clinic-level colorectal cancer screening rates increased by more than 4% after the first program year.

CRC Screening: Findings from the CRCCP: Evaluation Methods.

CDC is evaluating grantee management of the CRCCP, implementation and sustainability of evidence-based interventions, colorectal cancer screening rate changes over time, and the cost-effectiveness of different evidence-based interventions.

CRC Screening: Findings from the CRCCP: Measuring Outcomes.

CDC evaluators designed an outcome evaluation to measure changes in CRC screening rates over time.

Page last reviewed: August 13, 2018