Overweight & Obesity

41 states and territories show declines in obesity among children enrolled in WIC.

41 States and Territories Show Declines in Obesity Among Children Enrolled in WIC

2018 U.S. Obesity Map

U.S. Obesity Maps

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Addressing Childhood Obesity: CORD 3.0.

Early Care and Education (ECE)

Early Care and Education (ECE)

ECE settings can support healthy eating and physical activity among young children.

Flu shot

High BMI can Increase Risk for Flu Complications

Adults with severe obesity are more likely to develop complications from the flu.

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Community Efforts

Learn what early childhood care, hospitals, schools, and food service are doing.

CDC’s Obesity efforts focus on policy and environmental strategies to make healthy eating and active living accessible and affordable for everyone.

Healthy Weight
Healthy Weight

Healthy Weight
Staying in control of your weight contributes to good health now and as you age.

State and Local Programs

State Local Programs

Check out the latest state initiatives and news related to nutrition, physical activity, overweight and obesity.

Notes on Language and Images:

We encourage the use of person-first language (e.g., “adults with obesity” or “20% of children ages 12-19 have obesity” and not “obese adults” nor “20% of children are obese”) when discussing topics like obesity and other chronic diseases, as well as respectful images.

The Obesity Action Coalition has more information – please see the Guidelines for Media Portrayals of Individuals Affected by Obesitypdf iconexternal icon.