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Standard Respirator Testing Procedures

Title 42 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 84 requires that respirators submitted for evaluation against the terms of the Standard must be accompanied by data that demonstrate the respirator under evaluation meets or exceeds the performance requirements set forth therein. Once approved, the quality assurance requirements specified in Subpart E of the Standard require an ongoing effort by the approval holder for the purpose of assuring not only the material aspects, but the performance level of the approved product.

To facilitate both of these activities, the Standard Test Procedures used by NIOSH NPPTL are posted here according to the following categories. Accordingly, some procedures may be listed in more than one category.

Reference Information

Respiratory Protective Devices, 42 CFR Part 84
Includes test requirements respirators must meet in order to be approved by NIOSH.

Statement of Standard and Approval Criteria - SCBAs for Emergency Response Workers in Terrorist Attacks
Statement of standard, testing procedures, info for respirator manufacturers.

Statement of Standard for CBRN Full Facepiece Air Purifying Respirators for Use by Emergency Responders in Terrorist Attacks
Includes Statement of Standard, Inspection and Certification Fees, Cautions and Limitations, Guidelines for Identification of Test Configurations, more...

Criteria for Certifying Air-Purifying Escape Respirators and Self-Contained Escape Respirators for Use Against CBRN Agents
This letter informs manufacturers of voluntary requirements that air-purifying escape respirators and self-contained escape respirators must meet in order to obtain NIOSH approval. It also provides the procedures for the submission of applications for these approvals.

Certified Equipment List
The Certified Equipment List (CEL) is a database of all certified respirators and coal mine dust personal sampler units.

NIOSH Respirator User Notices
Notices are provided to inform users of a condition or risk that may exist with a NIOSH-certified product.