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For Respirator Manufacturers

	Workers wearing respirator protection

Certification Support, Test Procedures, Standards, and User Notices

Respirator Certification Information

Closed-Circuit Escape Respirator Standard Final Rule, Effective August 12, 2015

  • Table of Approved Units under Subpart H, of January 15, 2016
  • Summary Closed-Circuit Escape Respirator Standard Final Rule, August 12, 2015
  • Closed-Circuit Escape Respirators; Extension of Transition Period

Respirator Certification Fees, Questions and Answers, June 15, 2015 [PDF - 126 KB]

Respirator Certification Fees Final Rule
The new fees schedule is effective May 26, 2015

New Fees for Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) Testing Portion of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Approval
The new fees are effective September 1, 2014.

Standard Application for the Approval of Respirators, Version 7

NIOSH and DHHS logos – for use by manufacturers on labels for NIOSH-approved respirators.

If you require the logos in another format, or different resolution please contact the health communications group at 412-386-5224 or 412-386-5368.

NIOSH-Approved Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Agents (CBRN) Logo [PDF - 9 KB]

Standard Application Procedure for the Certification of Respirators Under 42 CFR 84 [PDF - 1.2 MB]
Applicants should contact the records room at or 412-386-5320 and review the entire document before submitting a respirator for approval.

Standard Test Procedures (STPs)
Each respirator and component submitted for certification must meet the applicable requirements outlined in 42 CFR Part 84 subparts H through L. The standard test procedures used by NIOSH are listed in this section.

Colors for Respirator Element Labeling
The color coding requirements of labels for canisters and cartridges as a means for secondary identification.

Respirator Certification Program Decision Review Process [PDF - 593 KB]
A structured process that enables stakeholders to request a review of decisions regarding NPPTL policy statements, test procedures, and test results pertaining to ongoing respirator certification activities.

NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84, Approval of Respiratory Protective Devices
This rule addresses NIOSH certification requirements for respiratory protective devices.

Respirator User Notices

Notices are provided to inform users of a condition or risk that may exist with a NIOSH-certified product.

NIOSH and MSHA Investigation of CSE SR 100 Starter Oxygen Assembly (Updated August 2, 2011)
A joint investigation concerning a problem with SR 100 Self-Contained Self-Rescuer.

Respirator Standards

Status of Current Certification Projects

Lists of certification projects that are currently being processed, indicating the dates that processing steps were begun and completed.

Additional Resources and Technical Support

Additional Resources

NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards
A source of general industrial hygiene information on several hundred chemicals/classes for workers, employers, and occupational health professionals.

Anthropometric Data and ISO Digital Headforms
Using data collected in a 2003 survey, parameters for headforms in five size categories were developed. The 2D and 3D data is available from NIOSH.

Saving Lives: Building a Better Face Mask
Video featuring NIOSH NPPTL research to build a better face mask using facial measurements.

Certified Equipment List (CEL)
A searchable list of commercially-available, respiratory personal protective devices certified by NIOSH to meet the requirements of Title 42, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 84.

Letters to All Manufacturers and Interested Parties
Official letters announcing public meetings, new requirements, NIOSH policies and other relevant information for our stakeholders.

Technical Support

Technical support is available by calling 412-386-4000 or by Email at