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Newsletters / Members Meeting Updates


March 2016 NHSN Newsletter [PDF - 2 MB]

Inside this issue – Guidance for new users added to a currently enrolled facility in NHSN, updates on the NHSN Re-baseline work, summary of the 2016 NHSN Annual Training, and more.


December 2015 NHSN Newsletter [PDF - 2 MB]

Inside this Issue – 2016 Patient Safety Protocol release, update to the national risk adjustment of HAI data, information on the 2016 in-person training, updates to the NHSN Antimicrobial Use option, and more.

September 2015 NHSN Newsletter [PDF - 2 MB]

Inside this Issue – HAI Surveillance Changes for 2016. Coming Soon! HAI and POA Worksheet Generator and more...

June 2015 NHSN Members Meeting at APIC. [PDF - 3 MB]
Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology 2015 Annual Conference. NHSN topics include general NHSN updates, protocol updates, update on CMS rules, electronic reporting, training news, analysis updates, and more.

June 2015 NHSN Newsletter [PDF - 2 MB]
Inside this Issue – Reminders for 2015 reporting including CDI Test Type and RIT, update on ICD-10-PCS/CPT codes, details on the new NHSN website, tips from the NHSN Helpdesk, and more.

March 2015 NHSN Newsletter [PDF - 911 KB]

Inside this issue - New Targeted Assessment for Prevention reports, 2015 protocol updates, 2014 data validation guidance, training resources, guidance on enrollment, and more.


  • December 2014 NHSN Newsletter  [PDF - 1 MB]

    Inside this issue – Preparing for 2015 NHSN reporting including information on new NHSN manuals and data collection forms, updated HAI surveillance definitions, CMS reporting requirements, new training resources and more.

  • September 2014 NHSN Newsletter [PDF - 2 MB]

    Inside this issue – Data for CMS quality reporting programs due soon, new NHSN reporting to fulfill CMS quality reporting programs, HAI surveillance changes for 2015 and more.

  • June 2014 NHSN Newsletter  [PDF - 1 MB]

    Inside this issue – Information on the new Dialysis Component, unusual susceptibility profiles alert, Antimicrobial Resistance (AR) Option, reporting for the 2014-2015 influenza season, training updates, planned NHSN HAI surveillance protocol updates for 2015 and more.

  • NEW June 2014 NHSN Members Meeting at APIC [PDF - 2 MB]

    Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology 2014 Annual Conference. NHSN topics include Enrollment /SAMS update, protocol changes, application updates, update on CMS reporting, electronic reporting, training news and more.

  • March 2014 NHSN Newsletter  [PDF - 786 KB]

    Inside this issue – Update on Medicare Beneficiary Number for CMS reporting, highlight of SAMS migration process, information on the new NHSN LabID Event Calculator, reminder for CMS data submission, analysis tips and more.


  • December 2013 NHSN Newsletter [PDF - 1 MB]

    Inside this issue - Update on the 2014 CMS quality reporting rules, reminders about completing annual surveys, information on 2014 protocol changes, guidance on changing location descriptions in NHSN, and more.

  • October 2013 [PDF - 716 KB]

    Inside this issue - Update on NHSN’s proposed use of CPT codes for SSI surveillance, information about 2014 protocol changes, announcements regarding new educational opportunities with NHSN, reminders about due dates and CMS quality reporting requirements for 2014, and more.

  • June 2013 NHSN Newsletter [PDF - 626 KB]

    Inside this issue – Important information about influenza vaccination of healthcare personnel and the NHSN Demo application, updates on NHSN's proposed use of CPT codes for SSI surveillance and NHSN's VAE protocol, announcements about some upcoming webinars (topics are the Hospital IQR Program, MRSA/C. difficile reporting, and the Hemovigilance Module), and reminders about due dates and requirements for CMS quality reporting programs.

  • June 2013 NHSN Members Meeting at APIC [PDF - 2 MB]

    Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology 2013 Annual Conference. Topics included Protocol changes, NHSN application enhancements, update on CMS reporting, training news and more.

  • April 2013 NHSN Newsletter [PDF - 901 KB]

    Inside this Issue – Recent changes and updates to NHSN, a new 2013 NHSN Patient Safety Protocol Errata, information for CMS quality reporting programs, and NHSN at the annual APIC meeting in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in June.



  • June 2011 [PDF - 248 KB]

    Inside This Issue - Ensuring Your CLABSI Data Get to CMS, Conferring Rights Functionality, Medication-associated Module is Relaunched, Biovigilance Updates and more...

  • March 2011 [PDF - 233 KB]

    Inside This Issue - Denominator Simplification Project Update, Primary vs. Secondary BSI.

2010 - 2008

  • October 2010 [PDF - 385 KB]

    Inside This Issue - CMS Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting Program, NHSN Puroses and Confidentiality Assurance Changes, NHSN Application Updates.

  • October 2010: Special Edition [PDF - 571 KB]

    Inside This Issue - Updated December 2010. Your Guide to the Standardized Infection Ratio, Central Line-associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI) SIRs, Surgical Site Infection (SSI) SIRs, Samples of SIR Output and List of SIR Risk Factors.

  • July 2010 [PDF - 600 KB]

    Inside This Issue - Biovigilance Component Updates, Case Studies, Patient Safety Manual and Document Updates, Spotlight: CDC/DHQP Visits Facilities in Oregon and Questions and Answers.

  • April 2010 [PDF - 252 KB]

    Inside This Issue - ARRA CDC Funding, Healthcare Personnel Safety, Prevent Infections in Hemodialysis, Hemovigilance, Questions and Answers and What is SAIC?

  • December 2009 [PDF - 280 KB]

    Inside This Issue - Updates to ICD-9-CM, Updated High Risk Inpatient Influenza Vaccination, NHSN drops CSEP Requirement and Digital Certificate Renewals

  • August 2009 NHSN Focuses on Quality Assurance [PDF - 105 KB]

    Inside This Issue - A Rale is Just a Rale…or is it? Can’t Generate Aggregate CAUTI Data? Case of the Missing Manual, Questions and Answers and Digital Certificate Renewals.

  • May 2009 NHSN Announces New Website [PDF - 222 KB]

    Inside This Issue - NHSN Members Meeting, Corrected UC-associated BSI Rates, Saving Keystrokes When Entering SSI Events, Need to Enroll Another Facility?, NHSN Releases Version, UTI Reminder, Questions and Answers.

  • Feb 2009 Sessions at the SHEA Conference [PDF - 377 KB]

    Inside This Issue - NHSN Helpdesk Tips, Changing Your Email Address, Annual Facility Surveys, Reassignment of Facility Administrator

  • Winter 2008 2000 Facilities Enrolled [PDF - 281 KB]

    Inside This Issue - Updated Operative Procedure Codes, Need help with specific event criteria?, Annual Facility Surveys, New NHSN Facility Administrator, Reminders about Digital Certificates and Implant and Transplant Definitions

  • Summer 2008 NHSN Member Meeting [PDF - 97 KB]

    Inside This Issue - New Version of NHSN Coming Soon, NHSN Contact Information, Inactive Users, Protocol Pointers, Use ID# when requesting assistance, SHEA/CDC Epidemiology Course and NHSN Statistics – July 24, 2008.

  • Spring 2008 NHSN Member Meetings [PDF - 80 KB]

    Inside This Issue - NHSN Member Meetings, NHSN Publications, Monthly Data Reporting Requirement, Setting the “Date Variable” option in analysis, Protocol Pointers and NHSN Statistics - March 31, 2008.

  • January 2008 Revised LCBI Definition [PDF - 133 KB]

    Inside This Issue - Central Line Insertion Practices (CLIP) measure coming soon! Changing your email address, Conferring rights to Survey data in a Group, Protocol Pointers, Attribution of SSIs and Pneumonia and secondary BSI