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Why Our Global Work Matters

Protecting Americans and Doing the Right Thing

CDC’s global health work embodies American values.

CDC uses U.S. expertise to save lives and improve the health of those in need. CDC professionals worldwide complement the work of other U.S. health and development organizations by delivering unparalleled life-saving science, groundbreaking medical research, cutting-edge innovation, and proven long-term health investments.

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Disease respects no borders.

Too few people realize that the health of Americans and the health of people around the world are inextricably linked. An outbreak in a country thousands of miles away can threaten the health of Americans here at home, just as a breakthrough medical discovery outside U.S. borders can lead to better treatment for diseases affecting Americans.

The most effective and least expensive way to protect Americans from diseases and other health threats that begin overseas is to stop them before they spread to our shores. CDC works 24/7 to protect the American people from disease both in the U.S. and overseas. CDC has dedicated and caring experts in over 50 countries. They detect and control outbreaks at their source, saving lives and reducing healthcare costs. In 2011, CDC responded to almost 250 outbreaks and emergencies in 20 countries, preventing disease spread to the U.S. In addition, fighting diseases like HIV/AIDS, malaria, and TB help reduce poverty and strengthen political stability in developing countries.

CDC's global health activities protect Americans at home and save lives abroad. They reduce the need for U.S. assistance and create goodwill and good relationships with global neighbors.

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