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Cytomegalovirus (sy toe MEG a low vy rus), or CMV, is a common virus that infects people of all ages. Most CMV infections are "silent," meaning most people who are infected with CMV have no signs or symptoms. However, CMV can cause disease in people with a weakened immune system and in babies infected before birth. About 1 in 150 children is born with congenital (present at birth) CMV infection...


CMV and Pregnancy

CMV infection can be passed from a pregnant woman to her fetus. Most infants born with congenital (present at birth) CMV infection don't have problems. But CMV infection in a pregnant woman can cause birth defects and, in rare cases, death in infants infected before birth. If you're pregnant or planning a pregnancy, the best way to protect your pregnancy from CMV is to protect yourself...


CMV-related Podcasts

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    Date Released: 1/31/2008

    0:59 minutes | 6:05 minutes
  • Put Your Hands Together
    learn how to help stop the spread of infection and stay healthy.
    Date Released: 10/14/2008

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Trends and Statistics

NewbornCongenital (present at birth) CMV infection causes more long-term problems and childhood deaths than Down syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, and neural tube defects. In the United States, congenital CMV causes one child to become disabled every hour...




Pregnant women may want to take steps to reduce their risk of exposure to CMV...