Yellow Fever Vaccine Recommendations

Yellow Fever and Travel
U.S. Yellow Fever Vaccine Access

April 5, 2021: Sanofi Pasteur announced that YF-VAX is once again available for purchase in the United States. Providers with a current Yellow Fever Vaccination Stamp issued by their state or territorial health department may now order YF-VAX from the manufacturer.


Yellow fever vaccine is recommended for people who are 9 months old or older and who are traveling to or living in areas at risk for yellow fever virus in Africa and South America.

For most people, a single dose of yellow fever vaccine provides long-lasting protection and a booster dose of the vaccine is not needed. However, travelers going to areas with ongoing outbreaks may consider getting a booster dose of yellow fever vaccine if it has been 10 years or more since they were last vaccinated. Certain countries might also require a booster dose of the vaccine; visit Travelers’ Health for information on specific country requirements.

Talk to your healthcare provider to determine if you need a yellow fever vaccination or a booster shot before your trip to an area at risk for yellow fever.

Some people may have an increased risk of developing a reaction to the vaccine, but may still benefit from being vaccinated. These people, or their guardians, should talk to a healthcare provider about getting vaccinated:

  • Between 6 and 8 months old
  • Over 60 years old
  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding

A few people should not get the vaccine. Vaccine is not recommended for people who are:

  • Allergic to a vaccine or something in the vaccine (like eggs)
  • Aged 6 months or younger
  • Organ transplant recipients
  • Diagnosed with a malignant tumor
  • Diagnosed with thymus disorder associated with abnormal immune function
  • Diagnosed with a primary immunodeficiency
  • Using immunosuppressive and immunomodulatory therapies
  • Showing symptoms of HIV infection or CD4+ T-lymphocytes less than 200/mm3 (less than 15% of total lymphocytes in children aged 6 years or younger)

It is important to remember that CDC’s vaccine recommendations are a different thing than country entry requirements. Proof of yellow fever vaccine may be required for entry into certain countries. Vaccination requirements for specific countries are available on the CDC Travelers’ Health page.