Watsonian Society Membership

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The purpose of the Watsonian Society is to unite PHAs of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)/Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), and its predecessor organizations, for the following objectives:

• Contribute to the overall public health management excellence of CDC.
• Recognize, preserve, and advance among CDC’s PHAs the professional, personal, and social attributes that distinguished the career of William C. Watson, Jr.
• Encourage and maintain professional esprit de corps and general camaraderie among CDC PHAs.

Each of our members contribute to the nation’s public health in one way or another. We are the only organization that supports the role of public health advisors in achieving our nation’s health goals.

Full membership is limited to current, former, and retired CDC employees in the GS-685 job series (Public Health Program Specialists) and current PHAP participants. Full members have all privileges including the right to vote and hold office.  Honorary PHAs and other interested parties may be associate members but are excluded from voting or holding office.

  • Networking opportunities with PHAs across CDC & ATSDR
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Periodic announcements of interest for PHAs
  • Regular updates for CDC retirees
  • Ongoing events include Banquets and Professional Development Summits
  • Volunteer and professional development opportunities
  • Opportunities to celebrate and support one another during important life events
  • Opportunities for retirees and active FTEs to meet and network, maintaining alive the history and contributions of our profession
  • Dues for one year are $15 and for three years, $40.
  • Individuals are also eligible for Lifetime membership at the following ages:
    • 52-59 – $225
    • 60-69 – $150
    • 70+ – $75
  • We accept membership payments via the following methods:
    • PayPal for those who have an account.  Paste “paypal.me/ARHeningburg” into URL box of your browser. Enter amount of payment, select payment to friends/family (to avoid fee) and include note – “membership payment for your name
    • Cashapp to $Watsonian1
    • Transfer to the Watsonian Society CDC credit union account – can be done by phone or secure email to customer service desk.
    • Paper check to:
      • Watsonian Society, P.O. Box 49372, Atlanta, GA 30359
  • For more information about joining the Watsonian Society, please contact Abel Assefa

The content contained on this website or communication of employee association information through other government resources does not constitute or imply endorsement of the operations and activities of the association by CDC or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.