Outstanding and Honorary PHAs Awards

Once a year, the Watsonian Society recognizes Outstanding and Honorary PHAs.  Honorary PHAs are persons who have made a distinguished contribution to the practice of public health, but have never been a PHA.  Outstanding PHAs are persons who are currently or have previously been a PHA and have made a significant positive impact on PHAs or the PHA series.

Honorary PHAs

David J. Sencer, M.D. (1986), Lida J. Usilton (1986), William J. Brown, M.D. (1987), William H. Foege, M.D. (1987), J. Donald Millar, M.D. (1987), Vernon N. Houk, M.D. 1988), John J. Witte, M.D. (1988), Joyce Ayers (1989), James W. Curran, M.D. (1989), J. Michael Lane, M.D. (1989), John R. Bagby, Ph.D. (1990), Don Eddins (1991), Robert Nelson (1991), Ruth Smith Wrench (1991), Alan R. Hinman, M.D. (1992), Sumner J. Glassco (1992), Walter R. Dowdle, Ph.D. (1993), Willard Cates, M.D. (1994), William W. Dyal (1995), J. Lyle Conrad, M.D. (1996), Johannes Stuart (1996), Don Hopkins, M.D. (1997), Dixie Snider (1997), Othon Economy (1998), Henry Falk, M.D. (2000), James Goodrich, M.D. (2000), Paul Wiesner, M.D. (2003), Robert Levinson (2004), Joel Lewis (2004), Laurence “Larry” Farer (2006), Amelda “Jean” Richard (2006), Stephen Cochi, M.D., M.P.H. (2008), Beth Meyerson, Ph.D. (2009), James Marks, M.D., M.P.H.  (2010), Lee B. Reichman, M.D., MPH  (2010), Thomas R. Frieden, M.D., M.P.H. (2012), Gus Conda (2013), Dr. Kenneth Castro (2014), Rich Rothenberg (2015), None (2016), Judith Monroe, M.D (2017), None (2018), Harold Jaffe (2019), None (2020-2022), and Gary Noble (2023).

Outstanding PHAs

Bob Keegan (2002), Arthur “Jack” Jackson (2003), Dawn Broussard (2004), Anne-Reneé Heningburg (2005), Virginia Swezy (2006), Mike Waller (2007), David Newberry (2008), Glen Koops (2009), Stephanie Dulin, Jenny Parker (2010), Bill P. Nichols, M.P.A. (2012), Norm Fikes (2013), Brian Wheeler (2014), Athalia Christie (2015), Pam Dougherty, David Roberts (2016), Sheri Brooks-Jefferson (2017), Russ Cantrell (2018), Stacy Harper (2019), None (2020-2022), and Kristen Chapman (2023).

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