Childhood #HowIRecommend Vaccination Video Series

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Hear one clinician’s effective strategies on recommending childhood vaccinations to parents of young children.

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Many parents won’t have questions about vaccines when you give your strong recommendation. However, parents may have questions about vaccines, and answering their questions can help them feel confident in choosing to immunize their child. To support effective communication with parents, CDC created the #HowIRecommend video series, where you can see how other health professionals answer the common questions you get every day. The #HowIRecommend video series is organized two ways:

Childhood YouTube #HowIRecommend Videos by Question

By clicking a question below, a YouTube playlist will open that contains videos from each of our clinicians’ expert perspectives.

Childhood YouTube #HowIRecommend Videos by Clinician

To see how a clinician answered all of the questions above, click on their image.

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