Thalassemia Treatment Centers

What to know

  • People with thalassemia may be able to receive care at a thalassemia treatment center
  • These centers typically provide comprehensive treatment including transfusions, chelation therapy, and routine monitoring for complications of thalassemia
  • They may also offer lab tests, imaging studies, bone density scans, and other services
Mother holding daughter on lap while doctor listens to the child's heartbeat

Selected thalassemia treatment centers

Find a treatment center near you

The Children's Hospital of Boston
Director: Erica Esrick, MD
Contact: Jennifer Eile, NP
(617) 355-8246

The Children's Hospital of Los Angeles
Director: Tom Coates, MD
Contact: Susan Carson
(323) 361-4132

Northern California Comprehensive Thalassemia Center
Director Ashutosh Lal, MD
Contact: Raquel Manzo
(510) 428-3347

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Director: Janet L. Kwiatkowski, MD
Contact: Stephanie Kent, RN
(215) 590-3437

Penn Comprehensive Adult Thalassemia Program, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Director: Farzana Sayani MD, MSc
Contact: Jennifer Cohen, RN

Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago
Director: Sherif Badawy, MD
Contact: Janice Beatty
(312) 227-4813

Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Director: Sujit Sheth, MD
Contact: Dorothy Kleinert
(212) 746-3404

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Director: Jeanne Boudreaux, MD
Contact: Jaime Cook, RN
(404) 785-3529

Children's Health Dallas
Director: Kathryn Dickerson, MD
Contact: Megan Dallas, NP
(214) 456-6102

Texas Children's Hospital
Director: Titilope Fasipe, MD, PhD
Contact: Dameka Harrison, RN
(832) 822-4891