Sustainability at CDC

Enduring, resilient facilities and operations are necessary to support CDC as it ensures the preparedness, safety, and security of staff, and the ability to fulfill the CDC mission. CDC promotes all the long-term health aspects of sustainability and engages staff to promote a culture that advances environmental stewardship through partnership and innovation.

Sustainable Facilities
exterior of cdc building

CDC builds and maintains facilities that minimize environmental impact and optimize inhabitant wellness. CDC updates existing buildings with features that conserve resources and promote occupant health and productivity. Several CDC buildings have received both LEED and Fitwel certifications.

Federal facilities also adhere to the following six guiding principles when building sustainable, people-oriented facilities:

  • Employ integrated design
  • Optimize energy performance
  • Protect and conserve water
  • Enhance indoor environmental quality
  • Reduce the environmental impact of materials
  • Assess and consider environmental risks