CDC Surveillance Resource Center

The Surveillance Resource Center provides members of the public health surveillance community organized, easy access to guidance developed by CDC and its partners for improving the practice of surveillance. Public health surveillance refers to the collection, analysis, and use of data to target public health prevention. It is the foundation of public health practice.

This website allows the surveillance community to easily access and share useful methods, tools, legal, ethical and regulatory guidance for improving the practice of surveillance and serve as a web-based knowledge management system that would:

  • solicit requests for information related to surveillance practice needs and partners;
  • identify and share useful practice tools; and
  • understand the changing needs and landscape of the surveillance practice community.

The Surveillance Resource Center was designed for use in advancing innovation to develop and share useful practices for leading cross-cutting surveillance issues.

Featured Surveillance Practice Resources

Other Useful Links

Links to websites for CDC’s surveillance partners, other surveillance resource websites, and training, such as:

Surveillance and the Data Modernization Initiative
A strategy for improving the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s activities in public health surveillance

Surveillance Information for State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial Public Health Professionals
CDC surveillance systems with public-facing websites

CDC Data & Statistics
CDC data sources (interactive databases, surveys, surveillance systems)

CDC Publications
CDC publications (e.g., Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal, MMWR, Preventing Chronic Disease)

CDC Vital Signs
Data and calls to action for monthly topical public health issues

Data Sources Index (CDC WONDER)
A-Z index of data sources available and descriptions

Surveillance Publications

CDC’s Vision for Public Health Surveillance in the 21st Century. This MMWR supplement summarizes the deliberations of CDC scientists who met in September of 2009 to recommend a strategic framework for advancing public health surveillance in the 21st century.

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