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Falls are a common and serious health threat to adults 65 and older. Every year, more than 1 in 4 older adults falls, but more than half of those who fall don’t tell their healthcare provider. The Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, and Injuries (STEADI) initiative was developed in response to this growing health threat. STEADI offers training and resources to help healthcare providers put fall prevention strategies into practice.

Provider Training
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STEADI: Empowering Healthcare Providers to Reduce Fall Risk

With this training, STEADI: Empowering Healthcare Providers to Reduce Fall Risk, you can make fall prevention a part of your clinical practice.

Continuing education is available for this free accredited course.

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STEADI Training (315 x 260)

Online continuing education: fall prevention

STEADI Training (180 x 150)

Online continuing education: fall prevention

Training Slides

STEADI: Inform healthcare providers, clinic staff, and administrators on fall prevention using the STEADI initiative

Use the STEADI Our Staff for Fall Prevention [PPT – 4 MB] slide deck to train healthcare providers and clinic staff on using the STEADI initiative to prevent falls.

Use the Building Clinical Strategies to STEADI Your Older Patients [PPT – 3 MB] slide deck to help inform healthcare administrators about the importance of a STEADI-based fall prevention program.

Pharmacist Training

STEADI: The Pharmacist’s Role in Older Adult Fall Prevention

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STEADI: The Pharmacist’s Role in Older Adult Fall Prevention

Developed in collaboration with CDC and the American Pharmacists Association (APhA).

As some of the most accessible members of the healthcare team, and as medication experts, pharmacists play a critical role in older adult fall prevention. To begin preventing falls, pharmacists can:

  • Screen to identify patients at risk for a fall;
  • Assess to identify modifiable risk factors, such as medication use;
  • Intervene to use effective clinical and community strategies to reduce risk.

Take the Training

Take the free online application-based training and earn accredited CPE.

In order to take this training you need to register within the APhA learning management system. If you are not an APhA member, registration is free and simple: just click log-in/register on the training webpage to start the process.

Download the Resources List

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Use these resources from the training to learn how to conduct a medication review,  minimize high risk medications, and  implement fall prevention.

STEADI Pharmacist Training Resources List [PDF – 102 KB]

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Coordinated Care Plan to Prevent Older Adult Falls.  Keep your older adult patients safe, independent, and STEDI