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Stevi Rae has been in recovery for two and a half years and credits going through treatment with other Alaska Natives as key to her recovery journey. Raised in Naknek, Alaska, Stevi Rae grew up commercial and subsistence fishing. She was first introduced to prescription opioids after she survived a car crash and doctors prescribed her opioids to manage her pain. She says that she quickly became addicted and persuaded her doctors to prescribe her extra medication to last several months since she would be unable to return for follow-up visits. Stevi Rae soon began buying prescription opioids illegally and eventually started using heroin and methamphetamines.

A year later, she felt like she would do anything to get opioids and couldn’t stop. She sought treatment in Dillingham, Alaska because there were no options in Naknek. In treatment, she shared her story of trauma and childhood sexual abuse that fueled her need for drugs and alcohol. Stevi Rae found that telling her story—and being surrounded by other Alaska Natives—helped her and others heal. Currently, there are no recovery resources available in Naknek, so Stevi Rae is creating her own. She believes that if she can stay in recovery, anyone can.

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It's really empowering to heal with your own people.

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It's really empowering to heal with your own people.

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