Matte Articles and Blogs

Rx Awareness blogs and articles are stories from real people whose lives have been directly impacted by prescription opioid. These pre-written matte articles about the Rx Awareness campaign are ready for adaptation and use by journalists, bloggers, or other members of the media. The files can be downloaded and shared.


photo of Cortney

Cortney tells how support of recovery programs and counselors were vital to her journey.

photo of Jamainn

Jamiann struggled with trauma and addiction. She hopes her story of recovery in Alaska helps others.

photo of JJ

JJ shares his path to recovery and how prescription opioids led to his struggle with addiction.

photo of Katie

Katie’s mother struggled with prescription opioids, teaching her that addiction is a disease that deserves treatment and understanding.

Sandra Headshot

Sandra’s brother, Britton, an Army Veteran, struggled with prescription opioids after an injury. She wants others to know that people with opioid use disorder are not “bad” and that addiction can happen to any family.

Sophie Headshot

Sophie’s father, David, became addicted to prescription opioids following a knee surgery. She shares how offering support to your loved ones who are struggling can be both empowering for them and yourself.

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