“Giving Directions: What Would You Do?” Activity Scenario 4

Giving Directions

Your child continues to play with his toy, even after you know you have his attention and you give a simple and specific direction.

What Would You Do?

It’s easy to get frustrated when your child has a bad attitude. Stay calm and focus on the positive. The toy is in the toy box and you are ready to eat. If you yell, you teach your child that yelling is an okay way to vent frustration. Try another choice.

Good choice! It’s okay to ignore a bad attitude and focus on the positive behavior. When you have a calm response, you teach your child how to handle frustration appropriately. Watch this clip to see a mom ignoring her child’s attitude and making sure he follows her direction.

Your child is at the table, but he did not do what you asked. He may learn that he can ignore your directions. Try another choice.