“Giving Directions: What Would You Do?” Activity Scenario 3

Giving Directions

Your child continues to play with his toy, even after you know you have his attention and you give a simple and specific direction.

What Would You Do?

This is a good option if you can follow through with the time out that you warned will occur. If you are not able to follow through with a time out, it would be better to choose another consequence that you can do like taking the toy away for the rest of the day. Try another choice.

Your child is at the table, but he did not do what you asked. He may learn that he can ignore your directions. Try another choice.

This is a good choice. You are issuing a warning and letting your child know what will happen if he doesn’t follow your direction and then you followed through with the consequence. Watch this clip to hear an expert talk about the importance of following through with consequences.