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What is eIPP?

eIPP is a secure, user-friendly, electronic information system through which those seeking import permits apply for the permit. This new system, launched in September 2018, represents a significant step in improving the program’s ability to serve stakeholders. Compared to previous systems, the benefits of this new system include:

  • A faster processing time for permits. Applicants will enter their own information through a secure portal and immediately submit the form directly to IPP for review and approval.
  • Provides a centralized location where applicants can get status updates. Applicants will receive real-time information on the status of the permit.
  • Saves user time when applying for future permits. Users will be able to pull information previously submitted through eIPP to use for new applications.
  • Provides applicants with a historical record of permits. Moving forward, applicants will be able to find details on past permits issued, expiration dates, etc.
  • Improved communication between applicants and IPP. Applicants will be able to communicate with the program through a two-way portal for submitting and sharing information.

Use of this system is now mandatory for anyone applying for a CDC import permit. The system uses a new, recently updated (and OMB-approved) application that has been modified to better assess biosafety measures at an applicant’s facility. Applicants no longer have the option of submitting paper forms.

All potential applicants are required to have a SAMS (Secure Access Management Services) account – which protects the security of the information by requiring users to enter a user ID and password, or other secure credentials, before providing access to the system – in order to access the eIPP system to apply for a permit.

eIPP Homepage

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