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eIPP Contact Us

For technical help with using the eIPP system:

eIPP users can reach the eIPP Help Desk for assistance via the contacts listed below.

Note for New Users
All potential applicants are required to have a SAMS (Secure Access Management Services) account – which protects the security of the information by requiring users to enter a user ID and password, or other secure credentials, before providing access to the system – in order to access the eIPP system to apply for a permit.  If you do not yet have a SAMS account but would like to establish one in order to submit a new application, please contact us at the Help Desk via one of the methods above, and someone will be in touch with you soon.

For general questions related to the Import Permit Program

(e.g., filling out the application, determining whether an import permit is needed):

Please contact us via phone at 404-718-2077 or email at

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