Location Summary

The Explore Oral Health Data by Location Page

Screenshot of the Explore Oral Health data by Location State page. Instructions: Use the top section to select options for viewing data, i.e. Location, Topic, and Year. There is an option to select State data or County data. After selecting the options, click GO. Next: Use this section to display or hide footnotes inside each panel, to save panel. Next: Click this link to change the indicators displayed on a page. Next: Choose single year or multiple years of data to view in panel. Next: click the table or chart icon to change the type for the panel. Next: Use this section to change year, breakdown category, and response options. Next: click the gear to save the indicator as a PDF or to export to Excel. Next: Hover mouse on a data point to view more information. Next: Use the legend to interpret the chart. Screenshot of county global selector. Explore the topic of "Water Fluoridation" data at county level. Explore data for one county at a time

Selecting questions to display

By default, the system displays the first 8 indicators. The maximum number of indicators that can display on a page at one time is 8.

To change the questions displayed:

  1. Click the Select Indicators to View link. The system displays the Select Indicators to View pop-up window.
Screenshot of the Select Indicators to View. Click the Clear All link to deselect all the indicators. Select indicators to display in each panel and click OK. At least one indicator must be selected
  1. Change the selected questions.
    Note: You cannot select more than 8 questions.
  1. Click Save to retain your changes. The system displays data for the newly selected questions on the Explore Oral Health Data by State page.

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Measure Definitions

The Measure Definitions section provides a description for the measures that are used on the page.

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Related Links

The Related Links section contains links to other sites on the Web. When you click these links, the system takes you to the related sites. These sites are not contained within the Oral Health Data system.

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