Food Service Guidelines Implementation Toolkit

Every day, millions of Americans get their food from worksites or public facilities. Implementing food service guidelines in these settings can set a positive example for employees, visitors, members of the community, and employers from other institutions. Changes in the type of food and beverages available in these settings can improve the diets of people who eat there and can contribute to their health and wellness. You can use the Building Blocks of Food Service Guidelines to help you get started. See the figure below. You can click on a category or bullet point to learn more information.

Building Blocks of Food Service Guidelines

Food service guidelines should align with the most current version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. If you have already developed food service guidelines that are in line with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, feel free to keep using them for your food service work.

If you are just starting this work, we recommend that you use the Food Service Guidelines for Federal Facilities rather than reinventing the wheel. The comprehensive Food Service Guidelines for Federal Facilities includes standards for food and nutrition as well as facility efficiency, environmental support, community development, food safety, and behavioral design. Although written to improve access to healthier foods and beverages at federal facilities, this document is a model set of guidelines for many other settings and can be readily used in your community.

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