State Action Guides

Americans are not consuming enough fruits and vegetables despite the health benefits. The 2018 State Action Guides on Fruits and Vegetables show how states are doing on important measures of access and affordability, and highlight steps to increase fruit and vegetable consumption and promote healthy food environments, particularly in settings that reach children and families.

State Action Guides feature data from CDC’s 2018 State Indicator Report on Fruits and Vegetables.
Alabama Cdc-pdf[PDF-372KB] Montana Cdc-pdf[PDF-372KB]
Alaska Cdc-pdf[PDF-378KB] Nebraska Cdc-pdf[PDF-373KB]
Arizona Cdc-pdf[PDF-379KB] Nevada Cdc-pdf[PDF-375KB]
Arkansas Cdc-pdf[PDF-375KB] New Hampshire Cdc-pdf[PDF-379KB]
California Cdc-pdf[PDF-374KB] New Jersey Cdc-pdf[PDF-378KB]
Colorado Cdc-pdf[PDF-374KB] New Mexico Cdc-pdf[PDF-377KB]
Connecticut Cdc-pdf[PDF-375KB] New York Cdc-pdf[PDF-379KB]
Delaware Cdc-pdf[PDF-375KB] North Carolina Cdc-pdf[PDF-376KB]
District of Columbia Cdc-pdf[PDF-373KB] North Dakota Cdc-pdf[PDF-375KB]
Florida Cdc-pdf[PDF-372KB] Ohio Cdc-pdf[PDF-376KB]
Georgia Cdc-pdf[PDF-374KB] Oklahoma Cdc-pdf[PDF-377KB]
Hawaii Cdc-pdf[PDF-376KB] Oregon Cdc-pdf[PDF-377KB]
Idaho Cdc-pdf[PDF-373KB] Pennsylvania Cdc-pdf[PDF-376KB]
Illinois Cdc-pdf[PDF-376KB] Rhode Island Cdc-pdf[PDF-376KB]
Indiana Cdc-pdf[PDF-376KB] South Carolina Cdc-pdf[PDF-374KB]
Iowa Cdc-pdf[PDF-373KB] South Dakota Cdc-pdf[PDF-376KB]
Kansas Cdc-pdf[PDF-374KB] Tennessee Cdc-pdf[PDF-374KB]
Kentucky Cdc-pdf[PDF-378KB] Texas Cdc-pdf[PDF-376KB]
Louisiana Cdc-pdf[PDF-377KB] Utah Cdc-pdf[PDF-378KB]
Maine Cdc-pdf[PDF-375KB] Vermont Cdc-pdf[PDF-374KB]
Maryland Cdc-pdf[PDF-372KB] Virginia Cdc-pdf[PDF-377KB]
Massachusetts Cdc-pdf[PDF-373KB] Washington Cdc-pdf[PDF-378KB]
Michigan Cdc-pdf[PDF-374KB] West Virginia Cdc-pdf[PDF-377KB]
Minnesota Cdc-pdf[PDF-370KB] Wisconsin Cdc-pdf[PDF-374KB]
Mississippi Cdc-pdf[PDF-375KB] Wyoming Cdc-pdf[PDF-375KB]
Missouri Cdc-pdf[PDF-371KB]

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