Forms & Guidance

The data entry forms and guidance on this page are intended for use by staff at local, state, and territorial health departments who complete outbreak reports for submission to CDC. The data entry forms are available as fillable PDFs for completion by health jurisdictions that do not have direct access to NORS and therefore need to send a written report to their NORS administrators.

For guidance regarding the reporting process within a particular jurisdiction, users should contact their designated Reporting Site Administrators or Agency Administrators. Additional instructions for entering data are posted in Training Materials.

Waterborne Disease Outbreaks (enteric, non-enteric)

Forms for collecting data on waterborne disease outbreaks before entering into NORS

Guidance documents

Archived reporting forms

Foodborne Disease Outbreaks and Enteric Disease Outbreaks Transmitted by Contact with Persons, Animals, or Environmental Sources, or by an Indeterminate/Unknown Mode

Forms for collecting data on foodborne disease outbreaks and all enteric disease outbreaks (other than waterborne) before entering into NORS

Guidance documents