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NOIRS 2018 Robot demonstration

The 2018 National Occupational Injury Research Symposium featured a collaborative robot demonstration as part of a session on the new era of human-robot cooperation in the workplace.

1/26/22 – OSHA alliance provides important workplace safety updates for technical guide assessing robot systems

9/20/21 – NIOSH, University of Florida Sign MOU to Advance Occupational Robotics Safety & Health Research

5/3/2021 – NIOSH, UW-Madison Sign MOU to Advance Occupational Robotics Safety & Health Research

2/4/2021 – The National Science Foundation has announced its National Robotics Initiative 3.0: Innovations in Integration of Robotics (NRI-3.0) program. Proposals may be submitted April 19 through May 3, 2021.

11/16/2020 – CDC Press Release: CDC Awards $1.5 Million for Research to Reduce Exposures to Workplace Hazards through Robotic Technology

12/11/2019 – NIOSH Update: NIOSH partners with National Science Foundation to fund workplace robotics research 

10/16/2019 – NIOSH Publishes Proceedings of the 2018 Ergo-X Symposium: Exoskeletons in the Workplace

5/20/2019 – NIOSH, NC State University Sign MOU to Advance Occupational Robotics Safety and Health Research

4/8/2019 – NIOSH Joins Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM)

4/5/2019 – WA State FACE Partner Releases Hazard Alert about Workers Severely Injured Using Demolition Robots

4/2/2019 – Registration is open for April 10 webinar on robotics and workplace safety and health, part of the Expanding Research Partnerships Webinar Series.

3/19/2019 – New article, ASTM F48 Formation and Standards for Industrial Exoskeletons and Exosuits, published in IISE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors, provides an overview of a new consensus standards committee for exoskeletons, ASTM International F48, and describes the organization and current activities of this committee.

05/14/2018 – NIOSH sought input on Occupational Robotics Research Prioritization

05/10/2018 – WA State FACE Partner Releases Summary of a Fatality Associated with a Laser Guided Vehicle

10/16/2017 – New NIOSH Center to Study Safety and Health Implications of Occupational Robots

10/05/2017 –  OSHA, NIOSH Sign Robotics Industry Alliance

06/21/2017 – Andrew Merryweather, PhD, discusses his extramural research on preventing robot-related injuries

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Upcoming Conferences and Events

Conferences & Events
Mine Automation and Emerging Technologies Health and Safety Partnership Meeting Virtual
September 14-15
OSHA/NIOSH/A3 Alliance panel presentation at the International Robot Safety Training Conference Columbus, OH
September 29
2-3 p.m.
Safety For Emerging Robotics and Autonomous aGriculture (SAFER AG) Workshop University of Illinois
November 9-10
2-3 p.m.

Previous Conferences and Events

Conferences & Events
NIOSH Webinar: The Role of Robotics in the Future of Work
“The Role of Robotics in the Future of Work,” is part of the NIOSH Future of Work Initiative Webinar Series. Recorded June 22, 2022, this webinar features Ms. Dawn Castillo, Director of the Division of Safety Research at CDC/NIOSH and Dr. Chukwuma (Chuma) Nnaji, Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at The University of Alabama. Speakers discuss robotics trends with implications for the safety, health, and well-being of tomorrow’s workforce, including ways to assess human-robot interaction safety risks and exoskeleton performance in differing temperatures.
(coming soon)
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