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On this page are Protect Yourself at Work brochures and posters. These materials can help workers think about safety and health risks they might find at their workplace. They also provide suggestions for how workers can work together with coworkers, employers, and organizations in their communities to make their workplace safer and healthier. These materials, in addition to videos, are also available in Spanish.


This Protect Yourself at Work series of brochures can raise workers’ awareness of their rights and responsibilities for safety and health in the workplace. They also suggest strategies workers can use to promote changes in the workplace if they identify a hazard or unsafe condition. These strategies include things individual workers can do on their own as well as ways to involve employers, coworkers, and communities to improve workplace safety and health.

General Overview

Prevention Strategies

Construction Workers

Hotel Workers


The Protect Yourself at Work posters below can be used in community settings, clinics, and elsewhere to raise awareness among workers about workplace safety and health, and to encourage them to ask for help if they have a concern.

Construction Workers

Hotel Workers

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