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Comparison of All NORA Sectors - Table A

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Comparison of All NORA Sectors - Table A

Table A. U.S. Workers by NORA sector1, 2010

NORA sector1 Estimated Population Represented by Sample % of U.S. Workforce
Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing 2,307,8641.5
Mining and Oil and Gas Extraction2 720,9380.5
Construction 10,639,3277.0
Manufacturing 14,555,5839.5
Wholesale and Retail Trade 20,994,76313.7
Transportation, Warehousing, and Utilities 7,638,9345.0
Services 73,941,62248.3
Healthcare and Social Assistance 20,520,87713.4
Public Safety 1,771,1591.2
Total 152,978,419100

1 All sectors were defined by industry codes, except for Public Safety, which was defined by occupation codes. At the request of sector leaders, Public Safety workers in Service industries (n=188) are excluded from the Services sector estimates; but, Public Safety workers in other industries are included in the estimates for those industry sectors in addition to being included in the Public Safety sector estimates.

2 The Mining and Oil and Gas Extraction sectors were combined due to small sample sizes.

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