Draft NIOSH Technical Report: Approaches to Developing Occupational Exposure Limits or Bands for Engineered Nanomaterials

Subject of Planned Report: Approaches to the development of occupational exposure bands for engineered nanomaterials.

Purpose of Planned Report: This draft technical report reviews the available scientific literature, data, and methods relating to the development of categorical occupational exposure limits or occupational exposure bands for engineered nanomaterials.

Type of Dissemination: Influential Scientific Information.

Timing of Review: December 2020

Type of Review: Individual letter reports.

Opportunities for the Public to Comment: Yes
Public comment period concurrent with peer review.

Peer Reviewers Provided with Public Comments Before the Review: No

Anticipated Number of Reviewers: 4 – 10

Primary Disciplines or Expertise: Risk assessment, toxicology, industrial hygiene, occupational health.

Reviewers Selected By: NIOSH

Public Nominations Requested for Reviewers: No

Charge to Peer Reviewers:  To be added.

Page last reviewed: June 12, 2020