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Research to Practice (r2p)

Flow visualization helps researchers understand how interactions between workers and airflows affect movement of contaminants, therefore improving interventions designed to control workplace hazards.


Research to Practice (r2p) is an approach to collaborations with partners and stakeholders on the use, adoption, and adaptation of NIOSH knowledge, interventions, and technologies. We need to move research into practice in order to reduce and eliminate injuries, illness, and fatalities. At NIOSH we feel it is important to work with our partners to develop effective products, translate research findings into practice, target dissemination efforts, and evaluate and demonstrate the effectiveness of these efforts in improving worker health and safety.

About r2p

The components and core elements of NIOSH's r2p program.

Technology Solutions

Licensing and transfer opportunities for businesses.

Partnership Pathways

CRADAs, MOUs, DUAs, and other vehicles for official partnerships.

Stories of Impact

Our experience putting research into practice.

r2p Corner

NIOSH Synthesized Chemical now Commercially Available

Isocyanates are harmful chemicals used in occupational settings that range from application of paints and varnishes to creating rigid and flexible foams and fibers. NIOSH research led to the development of the reagent 1-(9-anthracenylmethyl) piperazine (MAP), which can be used to measure workplace exposures to isocyanates. The MAP reagent was originally synthesized by NIOSH researchers and provided to external researchers and laboratories upon request. Now, it is commercially available at Chemical Standards Laboratory, DBA Chemical Service Laboratories ( To learn more about the MAP reagent go to NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods and see Method 5525 or contact Robert Streicher at Mention of a company name does not constitute commercial endorsement by NIOSH.


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