Exposure Assessment Program

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The mission of the Exposure Assessment Program (EXAP) is to provide national and international leadership in the development and use of effective exposure assessment strategies and tools to prevent work-related illness and injury.

Featured Items

Wearable Sensors: An Ethical Framework for Decision-Making

An article in the NIOSH Science Blog introduces a new ethical framework for decision-making around wearable sensors.

NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods (NMAM) 5th Edition

The NMAM 5th edition website provides the most current methods and guidance chapters and is available worldwide, free of charge.

Use of the “Exposome” in the Practice of Epidemiology: A Primer on -Omic Technologiesexternal icon

An article on how greater understanding of the relationships among a broad range of chemical and other risk factors and health conditions can ultimately lead to more effective and efficient disease prevention and control.

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