May 1994
Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health Concentrations (IDLH)

CAS number: 83-79-4

NIOSH REL: 5 mg/m3 TWA

Current OSHA PEL: 5 mg/m3 TWA

1989 OSHA PEL: Same as current PEL

1993-1994 ACGIH TLV: 5 mg/m3 TWA

Description of substance: Colorless to red, odorless, crystalline solid.

LEL: . . Unknown

Original (SCP) IDLH*: Unknown [*Note: “Effective” IDLH = 5,000 mg/m3 — see discussion below.]

Basis for original (SCP) IDLH: ACGIH [1971] reported that Lehman [1949], on the basis of his own work and a literature survey, estimated the fatal human oral dose to be about 200 grams. Accordingly, this is a relatively nontoxic compound for humans, and thus respirators have been assigned based on the assigned protection factor afforded by each device up to 1,000 ´ the OSHA PEL of 5 mg/m3 (i.e., 5,000 mg/m3); only the “most protective” respirators are permitted for use in concentrations exceeding 5,000 mg/m3.

Short-term exposure guidelines: None developed


Lethal dose data:

Species Reference Route LD50(mg/kg) LDLo(mg/kg) Adjusted LD Derived value
Rat Kenaga 1979 oral 60 —– 420 mg/m3 42 mg/m3
Rat Lehman 1951 oral 132 —– 924 mg/m3 92 mg/m3
Rat Lightbody & Matthews 1936 oral 25 —– 175 mg/m3 18 mg/m3
Mouse Soloway 1976 oral 2.8 —– 20 mg/m3 2.0 mg/m3

Human data: The fatal oral dose has been reported to be 200 grams [Lehman 1949]. [Note: An oral dose of 200 grams is equivalent to a worker being exposed to about 130,000 mg/m3 for 30 minutes, assuming a breathing rate of 50 liters per minute and 100% absorption.]


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