n-Butyl alcohol

May 1994
Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health Concentrations (IDLH)

CAS number: 71–36–3

NIOSH REL: 50 ppm (150 mg/m3) CEILING [skin]

Current OSHA PEL: 100 ppm (300 mg/m3) TWA

1989 OSHA PEL: 50 ppm (150 mg/m3) CEILING [skin]

1993-1994 ACGIH TLV: 50 ppm (152 mg/m3) CEILING [skin]

Description of Substance: Colorless liquid with a strong, characteristic, mildly alcoholic odor.

LEL: . . 1.4% (10% LEL, 1,400 ppm)

Original (SCP) IDLH: 8,000 ppm

Basis for original (SCP) IDLH: The chosen IDLH is conservative, but the only data available on which to base the IDLH is the statement by Patty [1963] that Smyth [1956] found rats survived when exposed for 4 hours to 8,000 ppm. The IDLH for isobutyl alcohol is also 8,000 ppm.

Short-term exposure guidelines: None developed


Lethal concentration data:

Species Reference LC5o(ppm) LCLo(ppm) Time Adjusted 0.5-hrLC (CF) DerivedValue
MammalRat Esin and Vigdergauz 1986NPIRI 1974 9,2218,000 ———- ?4 hr ?16,000 ppm (2.0) ?1,600 ppm


Lethal dose data:

Species Reference Route LD50(mg/kg) LDLo(mg/kg) Adjusted LD Derived value


Munch 1972Purchase 1969

Wurtz 1975







7,918 ppm1,795 ppm

4,000 ppm

792 ppm180 ppm

400 ppm

Other animal data: RD50 (mouse), 4,784 ppm [Alarie 1981].

Human data: It has been reported that corneal irritation was occasionally observed in workers exposed to 200 ppm [Sterner et al. 1949].



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