Driver Killed When Ejected From Logging Truck, Oregon

Oregon Case Report: 14OR001
Release Date: March 2015


On January 2014, a 39 year-old driver was killed when he was ejected from the cab of a logging truck after it veered off the haul road into a canyon. The driver had left a landing with a load of logs at about 5:30 am. There were reports of dense fog in the area until about 7:30 am. Shortly thereafter, about ½ mile from the landing, another truck driver noticed tire tracks that trailed off the main haul road into a steep canyon. He then saw the wrecked truck and trailer below. The driver was found next to the rear axle of the truck, approximately 150 yards below the road. There were no skid marks or steering corrections indicated by the tire tracks suggesting that the driver inadvertently drove off the road after encountering the dense fog condition.


  • Employers should train truck drivers to recognize unsafe driving conditions and to stop operations when conditions are unsafe
  • Logging truck fleet owners that require operation under fog conditions should install front fog lamps in trucks and ensure that lights are working and windshields and cab windows are clean.
  • Drivers should use seat belts when operating a logging truck and employers should enforce existing seat belt use policies.
  • Drivers should clean their windshields as often as needed and conduct regular vehicle inspections to ensure that brakes are working correctly.

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