Control Technology for Worker Exposure to Coke Oven Emissions


March 1980
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 80-114

Seven United States coke oven facilities were surveyed to evaluate control technology for oven emissions. Current coke oven control technology literature was also reviewed. Charging emission controls, including Larry car stage charging, fixed duct secondary collectors, and pipeline charging were studied. More than a dozen pushing emission control methods were reviewed. Door emission control technology such as new door sealing techniques, guillotine doors, and exhaust hoods were described, along with enclosed filtered air systems. The author concludes that greater effort should be devoted to the development of control technology for door emissions. Pipeline charging appears to be superior to Larry car stage charging in reducing worker exposure. The author recommends the development of controls for 6 meter metal to metal doors, evaluation of well ventilated sheds, and evaluation of pipeline charging for reducing worker exposure.

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