Occupational Medicine Symposia

May 1975
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 75-189

Through a survey of AMA member physicians, NIOSH determined the primary occupational medicine problems and information needs of private practitioners with part-time occupational medicine responsibilities. The results of the survey were used to develop the program of the 1974 AMA Congress on Occupational Health, co- sponsored by NIOSH. Papers were presented on the following topics: occupational pulmonary diseases; chest X-rays for the detection of pneumoconiosis; cardiovascular disease in occupational medicine; work evaluation and stress testing; medical monitoring for occupational disease; chemical exposures; noise, hearing, and audiometry, and environmental measurement techniques. The papers presented at the meeting, published by NIOSH, are an introductory text, highlighting the aspects of occupational medicine most significant to part-time plant physicians, to private practitioners generally, and to others with related interests.

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