Washington Group on Disability Statistics

Washington Group on Disability Statistics

Third Meeting

February 19-20, 2004. Brussels, Belgium.

Strategic Planning

Washington Group (WG) on Disability Statistics
February 19-20, 2004 : Brussels , Belgium

Please note the date change.

A strategic planning meeting has been proposed with an abbreviated tentative agenda. We are inviting written commentary for session 2. If you would like to contribute, please contact Beth Rasch (ERasch@cdc.gov). The deadline for responding is January 9, 2004.

Day 1

  • Session 1 – Welcoming remarks; introduction from the EU Policy Department; review of developments since last meeting; and review of objectives and agenda.
  • Session 2 – Based on the disability measurement matrix, a “position paper” will be presented proposing the selection of 1-2 purposes that a general disability measure should address and providing a rationale for the choice of purpose/s based on relevance across countries with respect to policy and feasibility of implementation with special attention to international comparability of data. Presentation of the proposal will be followed by formal commentary and open discussion.

Day 2

  • Session 3 – In order to be effective in accomplishing the main objectives of the WG and in order to produce tangible and useable end products, it has become increasingly apparent that an organizational plan for the structure and operation of the WG is needed. These organizational issues reflect group governance. A plan for governance of the WG will be proposed followed by open discussion.
  • Session 4 – Outline the next steps.