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Agenda for June 2004 Meeting of the International Collaborative Effort on Injury Statistics

Ibis Wien Messe
Lassallestrasse 7a
A-1020 Vienna
Sunday, June 6, 2004, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Introduction [PPT - 286 KB]
Lois Fingerhut

  • ICE Sessions at the World Injury Conference
  • Update of the ICE Products Notebook
  • ICE 10 Year Review for Injury Prevention

ICE Web page Updates and NCHS Web page
Manon Boudreault

Strategic Plan Update – Funding Discussion! [PPT - 115 KB]
Lois Fingerhut and Yvette Holder

ICD-10 Barell Matrix (Mortality) [PPT - 109 KB]
Lois Fingerhut

Multiple Injury Profiles [PPT - 857 KB]
Limor Aharonson-Daniel

Selecting Main Injury From Multiple Causes [PPT - 173 KB] 
Margaret Warner

US ICD-9 to ICD-10 Comparability File and TBI [PPT - 177 KB]
Margaret Warner

EU Public Health Programme [PPT - 275 KB]
Birthe Frimodt Møller and Saakje Mulder


Occupational Injury
Nancy Stout

Household Surveys [PPT - 169 KB]
Margaret Warner

Injury Indicators [PPT - 413 KB]
Colin Cryer

Injury Severity Linked to ICD-10 S and T codes, Discussion of ICISS and ICDMAP [PPT - 111 KB]
Lois Fingerhut and Ellen MacKenzie

Poisoning Definition in External Cause Matrix, Discussion of Proposed Expansion to Include Mental Health Codes for Abuse [PPT - 137 KB]
Lois Fingerhut and Clare Griffiths