Injury Questions on Household Surveys From Around the World

Excel Spreadsheet Files

The Excel workbook “Injury Questions From Household Surveys” contains 9 spreadsheets on injury questions from household surveys from 16 countries. This spreadsheet is a companion to the Brief Report published in Injury Prevention (M Heinen, K S McGee, and M Warner, Injury questions on household surveys from around the world. Inj Prev 2004 10: 327-329). The workbook includes much more information than the published material. The reader is advised to check the source documents for verification where possible. Please contact Margaret Warner ( or Kara McGee ( if you need more information.

Spreadsheet Titles:

  • Agency, Survey, and Design
  • Introduction and Screening Questions
  • Location
  • Activity
  • Nature
  • Body Part
  • Intent of Injury
  • Mechanism
  • Web Address of Survey

Represented countries: Afghanistan, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ghana, Israel, New Zealand, Pakistan, Spain, Uganda, United States