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International Collaborative Effort on Injury Statistics (ICE) Meeting

September 19-20, 2010

Seminar Room, 1st Floor, Institute of Life Science, Swansea University,
Swansea, United Kingdom

Sunday, September 19, 2010

8:30 AM Welcome and Introduction - Margaret Warner

8:45 AM Non fatal injury indicators - Colin Cryer and Rolf Gedeborg

What are the pros and con’s of different approaches to measuring non fatal injury?

  1. A ‘basket’ of ICD diagnoses, facilitated by Colin Cryer
    1. Minimising health service effects in international comparisons [PDF - 177 KB] [PPT - 4.1 MB]
      Colin Cryer
    2. Five country (Wales, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland) analysis of inpatient injury admissions [PDF - 62.1 KB] [PPT - 451 KB]
      Steven Macey
    3. International comparisons in the presence of different versions of ICD [PDF - 334 KB] [PPT - 1.3 MB]
      Margaret Warner
  2. ICISS-based definitions, facilitated by Rolf Gedeborg
    1. Serious non-fatal injury: are we missing a material number of cases? [PDF - 261 KB] [PPT - 667 KB]
      Pauline Gulliver
    2. Global childhood unintentional injury surveillance in four cities in developing countries: how to measure injury severity and why? [PDF - 662 KB] [PPT - 1.1]
      Hesham El-Sayed

10:00 AM WHO VIP update

10:30 AM Coffee Break

11:00 AM Non fatal injury outcomes, facilitated by Belinda Gabbe

How do we take the work of several groups in measuring non fatal outcomes (disability and function) and come to a decision on an internationally accepted approach?

  1. Measuring the population burden of injuries: implications for global and national estimates from the UK Burden of Injuries (UKBOI) Study- Ronan Lyons
  2. Measuring the Population Burden of Injuries [ PDF - 149 KB] [ PPT - 443 KB]
    Ronan Lyons
  3. INTEGRIS Project [PDF - 638 KB] [PPT - 7.2 MB]
    Juanita Haagsma
  4. Impact of ICF - Participation and Culture [PDF - 529 KB] [PPT - 577 KB]
    Shanthi Ameratunga
  5. Meta-analysis of Global EQ-5D Data [PDF - 769 KB] [PPT - 2.1 MB]
    James Black

12:00 PM Working lunch (Buffet lunch)

1:00 PM Updates on other international projects

  1. North–South Collaboration [PDF - 749 KB] [PPT - 1.6 MB]
    facilitated by Diego Zavala
  2. Brief ICD-11 Update (main meeting on Monday) [PDF - 1.6 MB] [PPT - 1.7 MB]
    James Harrison
  3. Quality of External Cause of Injury Data Given ICD-11’s Approach [PDF - 147 KB] [PPT - 1.1 MB]
    Kirsten McKenzie
  4. Global Health Observatory – a Home for Indicators? [PDF - 372 KB] [PPT - 1.4 MB]
    Kidist Bartolomeos

3:20 PM Organize workgroups for Monday – Margaret Warner

3:30 PM Close for the Day

Monday, September 20, 2010

8:30 AM Small group meetings

  1. Non fatal indicators work (1 or 2 groups) facilitated by Cryer and Gedeborg
  2. Non fatal outcomes work facilitated by Gabbe and Lyons

10:30 AM Coffee Break

11:00 AM Report back and discussion

12:00 PM Next Steps, facilitated by Margaret Warner

12:30 PM ICE Meeting adjourned