ICD-9 Framework for Presenting Injury Mortality Data

Proposed matrix table with assignment of E codes for injury mortality data. Excerpted from the MMWR Recommendations and Reports, August 29, 1997, Volume 46/NORR-14. For questions contact Lois Fingerhut, Lee Annest, or Elizabeth McLoughlin

SAS code used to program the Framework for Injury Mortality and Morbidity Data. (Please cut and paste the SAS codes provided into your SAS programs. The recodes provided are for use with 1979-1998 NCHS Public Use Mortality data tapes.) They have also been modified for use with morbidity data coded to ICD-9-CM data through 2001.

Mechanism/cause Manner/intent
Unintentional Suicide Homicide Undetermined Other*
Cut/pierce E920.0-.9 E956 E966 E986 E974
Drowning/ submersion E830.0-.9, E832.0-.9, E910.0-.9 E954 E964 E984
Fall E880.0-E886.9, E888 E957.0-.9 E968.1 E987.0-.9
Fire/burn E890.0-E899, E924.0-.9 E958.1, .2, .7 E961; E968.0, .3 E988.1, .2, .7
Fire/flame E890.0-E899 E958.1 E968.0 E988.1

Hot object/ substance

E924.0-.9 E958.2, .7 E961, E968.3 E988.2, .7
Firearm E922.0-.9 E955.0-.4 E965.0-.4 E985.0-.4 E970
Machinery E919.0-.9
MV traffict E810-E819 (.0-.9§) E958.5 E988.5
Occupant E810-E819 (.0,.1)
Motorcyclist E810-E819 (.2,.3)
Pedal cyclist E810-E819 (.6)
Pedestrian E810-E819 (.7)
Unspecified E810-E819 (.9)
Pedal cyclist, other E800-E807 (.3); E820-E825 (.6); E826.1, .9;
E827-E829 (.1)
Pedestrian, other E800-E807 (.2), E820-E825 (.7),
E826-E829 (.0)
Transport, other E800-E807 (.0,.1,.8,.9)
E820-E825 (.0-.5,.8,.9), E826.2-.8,
E827-E829 (.2-.9), E831.0-.9,
E958.6 E988.6
Natural/ environmental E900.0-E909, E928.0-.2 E958.3 E988.3
Bites and stings E905.0-.6,.9; E906.0-.4,.9
Overexertion E927
Poisoning E850.0-E869.9 E950.0-E952.9 E962.0-.9 E980.0-E982.9 E972
Struck by, against E916-E917.9 E960.0, E968.2 E973, E975
Suffocation E911-E913.9 E953.0-.9 E963 E983.0-.9
Other specified, classifiable E846-E848, E914-E915, E918, E921.0-.9,
E923.0-.9, E925.0-E926.9, E929.0-.5
E955.5,.9; E958.0,.4 E960.1, E965.5-.9,
E967.0-.9, E968.4
E985.5; E988.0,.4 E971, E978,
E990-E994, E996,
Other specified, not elsewhere classifiable E928.8, E929.8 E958.8, E959 E968.8, E969 E988.8, E989 E977, E995, E997.8,
E998, E999
Unspecified E887, E928.9, E929.9 E958.9 E968.9 E988.9 E976, E997.9
All injury E800-E869, E880-E929 E950-E959 E960-E969 E980-E989 E970-E978,
Adverse effects E870-E879,
Medical care** E870-E879
Drugstt E930.0-E949.9
All external causes E800-E999

NOTE: “–” represents categories in which no E codes are assigned.

*Includes legal intervention (E970-E978) and operations of war (E990-E999).

t Three fourth-digit codes (.4–“occupant of streetcar,” .5–“rider of animal,” and .8–“other specified person”) are not separated because of the minimal number of deaths in these categories. However, because they are included in the overall “Motor Vehicle Traffic” category, the sum of these categories can be derived by subtraction.

§ This parenthetical notation implies that the decimal should be applied to each individual three-digit E code in the grouping.

¶ Adverse effects have been excluded from the “all injury” category but are included in the “all external causes” category.

** Includes a) adverse effects to patients during surgical and medical care and b) surgical and medical procedures as the cause of abnormal reactions or later complications without mention of negative events at the time of procedure.

tt Includes drugs and medicinal and biological substances causing adverse effects when used therapeutically.