Agenda for March 2000 Meeting of the International Collaborative Effort on Injury Statistics

5th World Injury Conference
New Delhi
March 8, 2000

A continuing request that issues and relevant ICE questions be placed on the AdvICE List serve…

Issues raised during the course of the meeting:

  • Occupational ICE – Currently with data from New Zealand, Australia and the US- contact: Anne-Marie Feyer, Ann Williamson and Nancy Stout
    • The biggest challenge to these comparisons is harmonizing definitional issues for numerator and denominator
    • Current group planning to publish 3 papers in the next year
    • Would like to expand the number of countries included–invitation and criteria for other countries to participate will be presented at the NOIRS 2000 in October.
  • Diagnosis matrix – Israeli version was presented at the Conference. This version is more detailed than the one presented by Ellen Mackenzie and Howard Champion at the June 1999 symposium.
    Contact: Vita Barell
    • Need to start testing it with data- both inpatient and emergency department based
    • Matrix being sent to Anita Morrison in Scotland for testing
    • Others will need to test it once the codes are fully verified
    • SAS codes will be on the AdvICE list serve
    • Vita asks for more help (especially for defining Traumatic Brain Injury)
    • Lois will coordinate combining/collapsing this version with one developed by Ellen Mackenzie.
  • Mortality matrix – Falls and E887
    • Gordon suggests that E887 should be in with falls because almost all are due to hip fractures in the elderly
    • Lois suggests you should tabulate without and with no change to the E-code matrix primarily because we are moving to ICD-10 and this issue doesn’t exist because there is no code for “fracture, cause unspecified”.
    • From Susan Mackenzie: Looking at trends in the Canadian fall mortality data, we get very different results depending on whether E887 is or is not included. (See the attached PowerPoint slide.) This is apparently because the coding changes between ICD-8 and ICD-9, which added the E887 code, were not consistently implemented when ICD-9 came into use. I don’t know if the same sort of thing happened elsewhere, but it’s something to be aware of.
      Line Chart. Data from Canada. Falls among those 65+
  • ICD-10
    • U.S. is waiting for dual coded data (ICD-9 and ICD-10)- the final comparability study will not be ready until the summer of 2001 [this is a new note- added by Lois after the Delhi meeting]. A preliminary comparability study will be out summer of 2000. A new external cause matrix will then be proposed in the Fall and verified in final once final comparability study is completed.
    • Birthe Frimodt Moller indicated that the ICD-10 matrix used in Denmark was created with their data but not dual coded (Denmark went for ICD-8 to ICD-10)
    • Lois asked Birthe to put the SAS code on the list serve.
  • ED Surveillance
    • ICE should work on and define indicators for injury surveillance that account for severity of injury
    • We need more discussion on removing “non-serious injury” from ED data
    • John Langley was asked to head up group looking at defining injury indicators
  • News From CDC, NCIPC
    Lee Annest announced the release of a new interactive U.S. injury mortality site, WISQARS
    • Display of data provides E-codes / uses the E-code matrix
      • Will tabulate the data and you can move to other software
      • Leading cause charts by age, race, sex, ethnicity, and state
    • Short ICECI for US EDs
    • Pilot study in Massachusetts
      • Field-tested in 13 hospitals and 7 NEISS hospitals
      • 93 case scenarios, 4 coders who were trained in the field
      • Need to improve training and coding manual
      • Did have 80% agreement with ICECI
      • Coding time in field test was acceptable
      • Need to limit the number of mechanism codes
    • NEISS is being expanded to collect information for all injuries
    • Will report to WHO Heads of Collaborating Centers on their findings
    • More pilot tests are planned
  • ICECI – Contact Saakje Mulder, Malinda Steenkamp, Yvette Holder, or Lois Fingerhut with comments on selecting one
    • mechanism if there is more than one
    • Precipitating vs Direct
    • Need feedback from the group
  • Poison ICE – New efforts planned – Contact Robert Flanagan
    • Researchers are interested in more than one poison, more than one external cause, drug abuse, suicide, driving, sports injuries, occupational injuries, unintentional poisonings, iatrogenic poisonings, adverse drug reactions
    • Need to standardize data collection and presentation of tabulation
    • Need new classification scheme for poisoning deaths?
    • May need to rethink the poisoning external cause codes and include more codes
  • Multiple cause of death – contact Cleo Rooney
    • More countries should join in
    • Will move towards using the codes for ICD-10 and adapting nature of injury matrix to ICD-10
  • Susan Mackenzie
    • Announcement of data release from Canada
    • Susan will announce on list serve
  • U.S. National Health Interview Survey – Section on injury and poisoning
  • Next meeting
    • Planning pre-conference meeting in Montreal – June 2002
    • Next meeting-April 2001
  • Core ICE participants attending business meeting: Susan Mackenzie, Malinda Steenkamp, Ted Miller, Ann Williamson, Birthe Frimodt-Moller, Gordon Smith, Nancy Stout, Anne-Marie Feyer, Vita Barell, Margaret Warner, Chris Cox, Lois Fingerhut, Lee Annest