Summary of Injury ICE European Union Group Discussions

April 2-3, 2001
Submitted by David Stone


To provide a forum for promoting discussion between ICE and EU in areas of mutual interest


  • To identify and finalize areas of mutual interest to both ICE and EU
  • To develop a framework for discussion and collaboration
  • To propose an outline plan of action


  • Review of relevant ICE activities
  • Review of relevant EU activities
  • ICE/EU collaboration – What’s next?


Took place on the two days of the ICE meeting.


The group agreed that the nature of any ICE-EU collaboration was difficult to specify given the current climate of uncertainty within the EU in relation to injury prevention. The group nevertheless felt that it was important to try to develop a framework for collaboration regardless of the impending organizational changes.

Accordingly, a tentative action plan was proposed subject to communications within the respective institutions.

Outline Action Plan

The group proposes two sets of actions:

  1. ICE should link to the EC along the following lines:
    1. Principles of collaboration between ICE and EU
      1. ICE and EU share a large common agenda on injury data;
      2. The pursuit of continued communication between ICE at the EU is both feasible and desirable.
    2. Specific measures to facilitate collaboration:
      1. EC/EUROSTAT representative(s) should be invited to attend relevant ICE meetings as a matter of course;
      2. ICE representative(s) should be invited to attend relevant EC/EUROSTAT meetings as a matter of course.
  2. ICE should, in addition:
    1. Seek to recruit new participants to the injury ICE from EU countries not previously represented.
    2. Review progress towards enhanced collaboration with the EU/Euostat on a regular basis

The above proposals, if implemented, will require further clarification of: