Participants in the WHO Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC) Collaborating Center for the United States of America (USACC)

Head of the USACC

Robert N. Anderson, PhD
Chief, Statistical Analysis and Surveillance Branch (SASB),
Division of Vital Statistics (DVS)/National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS)

ICD Mortality
  • Robert N. Anderson, PhD
    DVS/NCHS, Mortality Statistics and Classification
  • Tyringa Crawford
    DVS/NCHS, Mortality Classification and Training
  • Donna L. Hoyert, PhD
    DVS/NCHS, Mortality Statistics, Mortality Reference Group
  • CMDR Erin Nichols, PhD
    DVS/NCHS, Global Civil Registration, Verbal Autopsy Reference Group
ICD Morbidity
  • CAPT Monica Leonard, MPH, REHS
    Team Lead, Classifications and Informatics Standards (CIS)/NCHS, Morbidity Classification
  • Traci Ramirez, CCA
    CIS/NCHS, Morbidity Classification, Education and Implementation Committee
  • David Berglund, MD, MPH
    Medical Officer, CIS/NCHS, Morbidity Classification, Traditional Medicine Reference Group
  • Shannon McConnell-Lamptey, MS, RHIA, PMP
    CIS/NCHS, Morbidity Classification, Morbidity Reference Group
  • Jenny Couse, MPH, MBA, RN-BC, PMP, CPHIMS
    CIS/NCHS, Morbidity Classification, Informatics and Terminology Committee
  • Cheryl Bullock, RHIA
    CIS/NCHS, Morbidity Classification, Functioning and Disability Reference Group

Other staff within NCHS support specific activities of USACC as part of their responsibilities for classification, standards, and statistics.