Health, United States Annual Report

The Health, United States, 2020-2021: Annual Perspective is a brief annual report that integrates selected analyses on health trends reported online by the Health, United States program.

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Health, United States, 2020-2021: Annual Perspective

This year’s annual report explores health disparities across eight health areas.

Topics in the 2020-2021 Report
  • Heart disease by race and ethnicity
  • Cancer by race and ethnicity
  • HIV and STDs by race and ethnicity
  • Health insurance and access by race and ethnicity
  • Hospital use by health insurance coverage
  • Oral health by poverty level
  • Substance use by education level
  • Risk factors and mortality by sex
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National Center for Health Statistics. Health, United States, 2020–2021: Annual Perspective. Hyattsville, Maryland. 2023. DOI: